"Being no poet, having no fame, Permit me just to sign my name" - Maria Callas

fredag 7 oktober 2011

79. (got no direction, just got my vamp)

the queen of showbiz, i'm gonna love her with my hands tied.
(kanske historiens bäst koreograferade nummer)

"jesus, i'm confused[infoga höftrörelse]. jesus, some people say that you only love a certain kind of person, with certain kind of beliefs, background or sexual orientation. but jesus, you have blessed me - and every night[...] (I) bleed to death in front of 24 ooo people, talking about love and unity. so i'm quite certain that jesus must love everybody. [...] this is michael, michael is from germany. [...] i like michael because michael likes girls from new york. i also like michael 'cause michael likes boys from new york. just like jesus michael loves everybody."

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