"Being no poet, having no fame, Permit me just to sign my name" - Maria Callas

fredag 19 mars 2010


jag såg på en av mina absoluta favoritfilmer nyss. vet inte hur många gånger jag sett den. har du missat den, se den. den är alldeles underbar.

"I'm mentally in love with you. And it's not because you've got brains or your personality. It's because you're beautiful. Inside and out."

"You're getting big. Almost like a... real person."

"Everybody, just pretend to be normal, okay?"

"Fuck a lot of women. Not just one. A lot of women."

"All the years he suffered, those were the best years of his life. 'Cause they made him who he was. All those years he was happy, you know; a total waste, he didn't learn a thing."

"Do what you love and fuck the rest"

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